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What is the Create Operator in RxSwift?

Create Operator

RxSwift: Create Operator

  • Specifies all events that an observable will emit to subscribers.
  • Takes a single parameter named subscribe.
  • Provide the implementation of calling subscribe on the Observable.
  • subscribe parameter is an escaping closure that takes an AnyObserver and returns a Disposable.
  • AnyObserver is a generic type that allows you to add values onto an observable sequence, which will then be emitted to subscribers.
  • Most flexible way to create a custom observable however, you have to remember to send a .completed event and also return Disposable.


Observable<String>.create { observer in
  observer.onNext("Gary Hooper")
  observer.onNext("Tony Stokes")
  // No point in .onNext again as we have completed
  // and no more events will be emitted.
  return Disposables.create()

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