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What is a ReplaySubject in RxSwift?


RxSwift: ReplaySubject

  • Initialised with a buffer size and will maintain a buffer of elements up to that size and replay it to new subscribers.
  • Useful when you want to show more than the latest value that a BehaviorSubject would provide.
  • Will temporarily cache or buffer the latest elements it emits up to a specified size.
  • Will then replay that buffer to new subscribers.
  • Beware that buffer is stored in memory which may cause issues if using images. Large buffers may use up a lot of memory. Also, array will be emitted as such so watch for the size of image based arrays.
  • Initialised using the type methods create(bufferSize:).
let subject = ReplaySubject<String>.create(bufferSuze: 8)
  • ReplayMany is an internal type that is used to create replay subjects. May see this in an error message if you do not dispose of your ReplaySubject correctly.

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