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What is a Subject in RxSwift?


RxSwift: Subjects

  • Can act as both an Observable and as an Observer.
  • .onNext(_:) puts a new element onto the subject.
  • Need subscribers for events to happen.
  • Every subject type, once terminated will re-emit its stop event to future subscribers.

4 different types of Subjects:

  1. PublishSubject: Starts empty and only emits new elements to subscribers.
  2. BehaviorSubject: Starts with an initial value and replays it or the latest element to new subscribers.
  3. ReplaySubject: Initialised with a buffer size and will maintain a buffer of elements up to that size and replay it to new subscribers.
  4. Variable: Wraps a BehaviorSubject. Preservers its current value as state and replays only the latest/initial value to new subscribers.

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