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How do I Subscribe to Observables in RxSwift?

Subscribing to Observables

RxSwift: Subscribing to Observables

  • Observables will NOT send events until they have a subscriber.
  • It is the subscription that triggers an observable to begin emitting events until .error or .completed is emitted.
  • Observing an observable is known as subscribing.
  • Subscribe takes an escaping closure that takes an event of the supplied typed (that doesn’t return anything).
  • Subscribe returns a Disposable.
let lotteryNumberOne = 1
let lotteryNumberTwo = 2
let lotteryNumberThree = 3

let observable = Observable.of(lotteryNumberOne, lotteryNumberTwo, lotteryNumberThree)

observable.subscribe { element in

// next(1)
// next(2)
// next(3)
// completed
  • Above emits next events, the below will unwrap the optional elements and produce the value from within the element.
observable.subscribe(onNext: { lotteryNumber

// 1
// 2
// 3
// NO completed event

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