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What is a Variable Subject in RxSwift?

Variable Subject

RxSwift: Variables

  • Wraps a BehaviorSubject and stores its current state.
  • Can access the current value via value property.
  • Use value to set a new element onto a variable (Don’t use onNext(_:)).
  • Because it wraps a BehaviorSubject it is create with an initial value and it will replay its initial value to new subscribers.
  • To access a variables BehaviorSubject call asObservable().
  • Guaranteed NOT to emit an error.
  • Can listen for error events but cannot add one.
  • Will also automatically complete when it is about to be deallocated so you do not and cannot manually add .completed.
  • Like any other subject it can be subscribed to by an observable to be reacted to when a new .next event is emitted.
  • Useful for one off needs such as checking the current value without subscribing to receive updates.
var variable = Variable("James Forrest")
variable.value = "Scott Brown"

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